*Applicants are to hand-in material as listed below:

  1. Requested material for review are: Yearly grades, auto-biography, and portfolio containing the maximum of five pieces of previous work. Portfolio is to be in the form of photos or computer export along with other requested material (bind material into an A4 volume).
  2. None of the material will be handed back. Please preserve an original copy if needed. If plagiarism is to be found within the portfolio, entry qualifications will be revoked; attending students will be expelled.
  3. Applicants with qualified material reviews distributed are accepted to the department.

*Restricted to general

Graduation Requirement

  1. Regarding the regulation of Common Requirement courses and Literacy courses, please refer to "List of Common Core courses, Yuan Ze University".
  2. Students are required to complete 128 units for graduation, including:
    Common Core courses and Literacy courses: 33 units
    Required Core courses: 56 units
    Selective Courses: 39 units (from other department—up to 6 units)
  3. The courses which have (I) and (II) in two semesters, students are required to take course (I) and then (II), the units are given after passing the both courses.(except lecture course)

Course list for undergraduate

Prerequisite course list

Course films

Non-Objective Painting

Art & Design Studio

Advance Design

Course photos

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  1. Two reference letters. One of them should be recommended by the teacher of department of school originally.
  2. Official transcripts copies of undergraduate course work.
  3. An autobiography and resume including the study plan, interesting research area, and the any experiences you have had in professional works, studies or extracurricular activities.
  4. Other related supporting documents such as writings or monographs.

Graduation Requirement

  1. Students are required to complete a minimum of 39 units of courses for graduation, and submission of a well-bound written thesis.
    (During the first year of study, student should decide on her/his area of research and invite teacher as Supervisor.)
  2. Courses:Required Core courses: 24 units
    Selective courses: 15 units (Students are required to complete at least 12 units)
  3. Required practical training: 0 units

Course list for graduate

The practical training: exhibitions list