Department of Art and Design

The creative industry is viewed as the hottest topic in the field of art. With the trend of globalization, how to cultivate Taiwan’s future talents of management and planning has become a topic of great importance. Facing this trend and the pursuit of academic professionalism in art, the Department of Art and Design at YZU has started recruiting students in 2007. In addition to the basic art curriculum, YZU has planned to integrate all resources on campus to provide the most professional and complete learning environment for students at this department.

The Department of Art and Design emphasizes laying a good foundation of art appreciation as well as the ability to create. This department has provided art history and basic skills. Hopefully, these courses will help our students to learn and gain inspiration from their experiences. In addition to courses in basic art and art history, the department has arranged courses to guide students to develop creativity and the learning in other related fields. The 21st century is an era of great knowledge economy. With such a development, our goal is to learn how to put creativity to real practice. The department encourages our students to think independently, communicate their thought clearly and try to channel the challenges they face in learning into energy of creative works. Such training will enable our students to develop the ability of research, development and create new things. In the future, they will have enough professional know-how and creativity to meet the needs in the job market.

M.A. Program in Art Management, Department of Art and Design

Taiwan has promoted growth in public art museums, community and college art centers in the past twenty years. These institutions exhibit an expanded sense of educational and cultural responsibility, which enhances the audience’s interest in art and enriches their lives.? Due to Taiwan’s economic prosperity, the collecting activities of entrepreneurs have accelerated the establishment of art foundations, private art museums, art galleries and auction houses. This private-sector involve- ment has exerted increasing influence in the visual arts.? It is imperative to train art administrators who can adapt to today’s complex, competitive challenges and to the changing demands of the field.

In view of these increasing challenges, Yuan-Ze University offers M.A. Program in Art Management. The program strives to train art administrators who have a wide variety of knowledge in the visual arts and business administration. The program stresses the balance between an understanding of the visual arts, the ideas and forces affecting them, and the development of keen management, marketing and financial skills. The students are prepared for the increasingly specialized opportunities in the fields of art management, art collecting, art creation, marketing, exhibition design, critical studies, as well as appraisal and valuation of artworks.

Welcome talented people from all domains joining us to study in this joyful, lively and creative environment, to share the experience and the substantial achievement.